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WISP Guam, Inc.
Wireless Internet Service Provider
We're adding a new WISP to Internet Service on Guam
Finally, you have an alternative to copper wire and coaxial cable internet connections.

WISP offers the quality and speed of fiber optics at a fraction of the cost.
WISP provides quality commercial internet service with superior support to businesses who have a need for speed, stability and support.
Standard 11 to 54 meg local uplinks to full duplex 3 to 10 meg (customers choice) synchornous internet connection through the newest high tech undersea fiber optices cable on Guam.
Contact us to design a high speed system customized to your corporate needs.

WISP services are available to Commercial users only.
Guests in WISP Powered hotel hotspots can access WISP through our login page displayed when connected to any WISP access point. PayPal can be used to purchase internet connection time online. Please see the self sigh-up page for help.